SIPShout! FAQs

Q. Do I need to spend $20/mo. for a landline to make the calls when sending alerts?

A. You can but we'd rather you use one of our SIP gateway providers and pay less than 2 cents/minute only when you make calls.

Q. What does your text to speech sound like?

A. Click on the Alarm Button on the main page or here to hear yourself. There are ways to make it sound even better with phonetic spelling like entering "jibberish". We also allow the capability to add your own .wav files for custom prompts to sound any way you want it to.

Q. Can I customize the interface?

A. You can add your own logo right from our System Parameters page. You can also change the colors if you know a little coding. You'll find once it's configured you don't really go back to the gui all that much, it just works and keeps on working.

Q. What happens if I don't answer the phone or I type my password in wrong?

A. We get it. You can't always run to the phone and sometimes people make mistakes. Our system will cut you some slack and allow you to retype your password, try to reach you multiple times, or call your next line depending on how you provisioned your phones.

Q. Do you provide support?

A. Absolutely. We provide free upgrades with our maintenance agreements that include all the new features and you can always reach us by email or phone. Click on our "Let's Talk" link to. . . well talk.

Q. What if my call doesn't go through?

A. We log everything. Sometimes its a matter of just going to the active shouts page or you can go a little deeper into the process logs. We even log call data records to show errors connecting to the network. Heck, we've even helped network providers fixed their networks based on the review of our logs.

Q. Can I test call outs without receiving an alert?

A. Yes. You can run through the full escalation process including all your contacts and all their phones by clicking a single button from our Trap Table. You can even use it to call your employees to a meeting (if you'd like).

Q. How about backing it up?

A. We've automated all the backup processes that you could ever need. We do full system backups and individual data base backups. In fact we clean records out of our data base based on your provisioning but store those records for a certain period in flat files for your reference and ease of archiving.